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LUME Weddings

Imagine your special day has arrived. You walk down the isle to crisp clear music and share the beautiful ceremonial moment with loved ones through a state of the art sound system. We’ll work together to create a beautiful cocktail hour and dinner atmosphere that will entertain guests. When the dancing begins I’ll take you on a journey with music you love and sounds that are universally cherished. Let me guide you every step of the way from booking, to the end of the night on your wedding, I’m confident you’ll be in good hands! 

LUME Wedding Package $2000

Elevate your wedding experience with just the right tools to make your special day memorable and exciting. This thunderous package is for 6 hours and includes the Ceremony. Prepare to impress and have a good time. I will coordinate and integrate with your wedding team so you don’t have to stress. With experience in the wedding industry, I will provide superb sound and keep you and your guests dancing to songs you love while sharing in the special moment with your loved ones. 


LUME+ Wedding Package $2500

Nothing is more important than your wedding day so why spare the expense? This has all of the great services and skills offered in my LUME package but takes things to the next level! This package cranks it up by enhancing the sound, adding visuals of cherished memories, and to top it off, those who book this package get me for the entire day. 


Exciting Additions 

This is your opportunity to really level things up! Choose any one of my exciting add ons that adds layers of personalization and personality. These options can be added to the LUME package.

Sound reinforcement $200 per sub 

Depending on the size of the event, up to two subs may be added to ensure sound quality. Prepare to be blown away by crystal clear highs and chest pounding lows that really set the atmosphere on fire. 

TV Monogram and Slideshow $150

Time is spent creating custom monograms and beautiful slideshows that highlight you and your special connection. Memories, photos of friends and family, engagement photos, honoring lost loved ones, and more are displayed on a crisp high-definition display. 

Time add on

LUME wedding package starts at 6 hours. Longer weddings will require a time add on. Adding time during booking costs $150 an hour. Day of the wedding, time add on is $200 an hour for a maximum of two hours.

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